Canblaster @ Solyanka Moscow live mix 5.03.11

Ghosts on Tape – Equator Jam (Canblaster Tribal remix)
Fis-T – Nighthunter Kingdom – Spanish Fly (Canblaster Tribal remix)
L-vis 1990 – Forever You
Funkin Matt & Teki Latex – Get Loose (Canblaster remix)
Zinc – Music Makers
Wafa – Pop Up (Canblaster remix)
GrandThief – Splash
Canblaster – Jetpack
Mr Tweeks – Money
Myd – Octodip
Dr Gonzo – Bust em Up
Klipar – Imperial March (Myd remix)
Richelle – Circular Motion 609
Markus Price – Bubblegum (Sam Tiba remix)
Jam City – Magic Drops
Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag
Myd – Javier
High Powered Boys – Work
Chelley – Took the Night
Blackwax – Airway
Drop The Lime – Hot as Hell (Canblaster remix)
Evil Nine – Auto (Broke One remix)
The Count & Sinden – Future (Canblaster remix)
Myd – Pistolet (Sam Tiba remix)
Canblaster – Clockworks
Monsieur Monsieur – Dirty Minded (Canblaster remix)
DJ Jonty – Grindin’ (Kastle “edit of an edit” remix)
George Lenton – Hollywood
Dj Trajik – Can U Feel it
Mosca – Tilt Shift T La Rock – It’s Yours (dj Wreck bootleg)
Joker – Degidesign (Om Unit Poppin remix)
The Fresh Daily – Wait a Minute
Dee Kay – Say Nothing
Jamie XX & Gil Scott Heron – NY is Killing me
Ghostmutt – Platinum Skull
Dorian Concept Vs Clipse – I’m a Balla/Trilingual Sexperience
Distal – Off with his Head
Kingdom feat. Shyvonne- Mindreader
Canblaster – Triple Ring
Om Unit – Searchin’
Rusko – Feels so Real (Canblaster remix)
Araabmusik – Whistle (Instrumental)
Richelle – Mascotte
Araabmusik – Always Made It
Canblaster – Lost in the Shell
dj EARL – Sound of Footwork
Salva – Wake Ups
dj Rashad – Yo Azz
EPROM – Dirty Diamonds
dj Nate – Let That Beat Build
Salva – Mag Clips
Rusko – Whooboost (Douster remix)
French Fries – Charlotte (Canblaster remix)
Twist it – Funky Monkey (Canblaster remix)
Blackwax – Obtuse
Dooze Jackers – We Love Moogie (Canblaster remix)
Machinedrum – Poppinshit
Prysmo – Hard Sax (Canblaster remix)
Lil Silva – Night Skanker
Berou & Canblaster – Kapongo Dancec 2K11
Homework – Fissa Tune (Untold remix)
Roska – Jackpot
Chad Valley – Up & Down (Panteros666 remix) Weird end !


About Surprise Surprise Sound System

Surprise Surprise Soundsystem -The Neighborhoodlum -Stu-E -Kim Bassinger -The Future Champions Howdy! We are a group of friends with the common goal of providing the freshest tunes available to as many people that want to listen. along with many who don't. We will bring you updates of single tracks, album reviews, upcoming album releases, and general information on artist of the electronic music generes. Thanks for coming by to check us out, please check out our soundcloud pages if you'd like to get a better idea of the sounds we listen to. Kim Bassinger - Stu-E - The Future Champions -
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