I recently found one of my old mp3 players and have been going through the music again, I’ve never forgot about OCDJ but have slowed down on looking for new releases and tours. Today I decided to make a post of some of his music and as I was searching for videos to post I came across information on his first and last album, Hold Your Breath, on Kickstarter.
“ocdj has been dying a slow death. Radio stopped in 2006, performances stopped in 2008, all appearances trickled out by 2011. Three albums will go unreleased due to hard-drive crashes, mental crashes, and sunken ships. Everything that once defined ocdj is now gone: radios, computers, masks, alcohol, records, amplifiers, hot dogs, cities, boats, high fructose corn syrup. Hurricane Irene buried the last of what once was ocdj under water. All that is left is a man, a boy, a cat, with no name and no possessions. One last ocdj album still exists, though, conceptualized on scraps of paper and floating precariously in the mind and memory of the one who survived those crashes.”
I was glad to see he had already reached his goal and hopefully we can be expecting it to be released sometime soon. until then here are videos to help ease the wait.


About Surprise Surprise Sound System

Surprise Surprise Soundsystem -The Neighborhoodlum -Stu-E -Kim Bassinger -The Future Champions Howdy! We are a group of friends with the common goal of providing the freshest tunes available to as many people that want to listen. along with many who don't. We will bring you updates of single tracks, album reviews, upcoming album releases, and general information on artist of the electronic music generes. Thanks for coming by to check us out, please check out our soundcloud pages if you'd like to get a better idea of the sounds we listen to. Kim Bassinger - http://soundcloud.com/kimbassinger Stu-E - http://soundcloud.com/stu-e-2 The Future Champions - http://soundcloud.com/thefuturechampions
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